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MontiCore - Getting Started


For getting started with MontiCore using Eclipse do the following:

Setting up Eclipse

  1. Download and install Eclipse (or use an existing one)
  2. Open Eclipse
  3. Install needed Plugins
    • Help > Install new Software
    • Make sure the M2E (Maven 2 Eclipse) Plugin is installed
    • M2E can be found here
  4. Make sure to confire Eclipse to use a JDK instead of an JRE
    • Window > Preferences > Java > Installed JREs

Importing the Example

  1. Clone the github project or download the zip for the Automata Example here.
  2. Select
    • File
    • Import...
    • Maven
    • Existing Maven Projects
    • Click next
    • Click on the Browse.. button and use the folder holding the pom.xml

Running MontiCore

  1. Right click on the project
  2. Run as > Maven install
  3. Add ‹../target/generated-sources/monticore/sourcecode› to your build path
    • Right click on the folder > Build Path > Use as Source Folder

MontiCore will be launched and the following steps will be executed:

  1. The specified grammar will be parsed and processed by MontiCore.
  2. Java source files for the corresponding DSL infrastructure will be generated into the default output directory ‹../target/generated-sources/monticore/sourcecode›. This infrastructure consists of:
    1. /automata/_ast containing the abstract syntax representation of the automata DSL.
    2. /automata/_cocos containing infrastructure for context conditions of the automata DSL.
    3. /automata/_od containing infrastructure for printing object diagrams of the automata DSL.
    4. /automata/_parser containing the generated parsers which are based on ANTLR.
    5. /automata/_symboltable containing infrastructure for the symbol table of the automata DSL.
    6. /automata/_visitor containing infrastructure for visitors of the automata DSL.
    7. /reports/Automata containing reports created during the processing of the automata grammar.
  3. The output directory will also contain a log file of the executed generation process ‹monticore.YYYY-MM-DD-HHmmss.log›.


  • If an error occurs and you cannot solve the problem you may take a look into the MontiCore log file located in the respectively specified output directory (e.g. ‹out/monticore.YYYY-MM-DD-HHmmss.log› by default). It contains more verbose and developer-oriented, technical output than the CLI output.
  • Please report any unknown issues to Please include the processed grammar, model, and the log file.


Further Information