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Release Notes

MontiCore 7.3.0

to be released


  • add cocos for lexical mode
  • add coco for Expression
  • add cocos for JavaLight
  • new methods putSymbolDeSer, putXYSymbolDeSer and loadFileForModelNamed (GlobalScope Interface)
  • new method getToken (MCParser)
  • use CD4C in 02experiment.configTemplate


  • rename generated classes XYCLI -> XYTool

MontiCore 7.2.0

released: 13.09.2021


  • Several modes can now be specified in a grammar (for further explanations see ANTLR). For the grammars, one file is now generated for lexer rules and one for the parser rules.
  • delete deprecated classes: ModelPath, IterablePath, ModelCoordinate, ModelCoordinateImpl, ModelCoordinates, and FileFinder
  • The symbol table now stores for productions whether a production is left-recursive.
  • In the log class the dependency to ch.qos.logback:logback-core was removed

MontiCore 7.1.0

released: 05.07.2021


  • introduced language-specific CLI generation
  • New class MCPath that manages a set of path entries. The class is used, e.g., for realizing symbol paths, model paths, handcoded paths, and template paths. MCPath replaces the classes IterablePath and ModelPath.
  • Different modes can now be defined for lexical tokens in grammar. The corresponding generator will only be available in the next version.


  • the methods serialize and deserialize of the class XDeSer were moved to the class XSymbols2Json
  • The following classes are marked as deprecated and will be removed in the near future: ModelPath, IterablePath, ModelCoordinate, ModelCoordinateImpl, ModelCoordinates, and FileFinder


MontiCore 7.0.0

released: 08.04.2021


  • resolveXSubKinds(..) resolves for local symbols of all subkinds of a symbol kind X. This method is used by the implementation of the resolveXLocally(..) method. It enables proper handling of symbol kind hierarchies during symbol resolution beyond the borders of a language.
  • new annotation @NonConservative for productions
  • add configTemplate (-cf) mechanism to add a freemarker template for customizing the generation processed
  • add two predefined groovy hook points (-gh1 and -gh2) in the monticore_standard.groovy for injecting custom groovy scripts into the workflow


  • move grammars OCLExpressions and SetExpressions into OCL-project for further development
  • DefsTypeBasic was moved to test. There are now only methods for creating symbols. Use the BasicSymbolsMill to create the basic data types like int, ...
  • deserialize(String) method of scope DeSer classes is realized as default implementation in IDeSer interface
  • deserialize(String) method of symbol DeSer classes is realized as default implementation in ISymbolDeSer interface
  • deserializeAddons() and serializeAddons() methods of scopes are realized as empty default implementation in IDeSer interface
  • If deserialization encounters a symbol kind for which no DeSer is contained in the symbol Deser map in global scopes, a warning is produced instead of an error
  • Boolean isShadowing property of scopes is only serialized if its value is "true". Deserialization assumes a default value of "false" if the property is not contained in a serialized scope
  • deserialize(String) method of symbol DeSers do not produce errors if the serialized kind deviates from the symbol kind that the DeSer is originally engineered for
  • The TypeCheck was reworked
  • The interface ITypesCalculator was renamed to IDerive and can now be used similar to the ISynthesize interface
  • no SymbolSurrogates are created anymore by the TypeCheck. The Synthesize-Classes will now log an error if a type cannot be resolved
  • SymTypeExpressions now have the method printFullName to print their full name
  • The class TypeCheck now needs one IDerive and one ISynthesize for its constructor instead of only one of them
  • The class DeriveSymTypeOfBSCommonExpressions, which does not pay attention to modifiers like static or private, can now be used as an alternative for the class DeriveSymTypeOfCommonExpressions


  • Symbols with hierarchical symbol kinds are not serialized multiple times anymore.

MontiCore 6.7.0

released: 26.01.2021


  • Add new CLI for the MontiCore generator engine


  • The context conditions use the new traverser infrastructure. This leads to small changes in the api. The return value of the method addCoCo is void.
  • Attribute fileExt in GlobalScopes now refers to a regular expression for file extensions of symbol table files. The default value of the attribute is "*sym", which usually includes symbol files of all MontiCore languages. Attention: If your language used the "setFileExt" method in previous versions of MontiCore to set the file extension of the model file (e.g., to "aut"), this will cause problems now as the symbol files of the language have differen file extensions (e.g., "autsym). To fix this, it is sufficient to remove all invocations of "setFileExt" from the handwritten source code.
  • For scopes, artifact scopes, and global scopes: Moved abstract methods that do not have a language- specific name or (argument, return) type from language-specific interface to MontiCore-runtime interfaces
  • new experiment "strules" demonstrating the use of symbolrules and scoperules
  • deserialize methods in SymTypeExpressionDeSers do not have an enclosingScope argument anymore. Internally, it uses the singleton global scope instead.
  • renamed serializeAdditionalSSymbolAttributes in Symbols2Json class to serializeAddons and moved to scope and symbol DeSers.
  • XScopeDeSer is renamed to XDeSer
  • In Symbols2Json classes:
  • now implementss Visitor2
  • new attribute "XTraverser traverser" with getter and setter
  • Removed attribute "realThis" with getter and setter
  • New constructor with two arguments XTraverser and JsonPrinter
  • New zero args constructor
  • Removed constructor with single JsonPrinter argument
  • New attributes of all known symbol DeSers and current scope DeSers
  • New method "protected void init()", initializing the DeSer attributes with the GlobalScope and the traverser with symbols2json of inherited languages
  • adjusted store method to use traverser
  • visit methods for symbols delegate to serialize method of the symbol DeSer
  • visit and endVisit methods for scope interface and artifact scope interface print object stub and delegate serialization to scope DeSers
  • DeSers do not have an attribute of Symbols2Json class anymore, instead it is passed as argument in the serialize methods
  • Default values of built-in types that occur in attributes of symbolrules or scoperules are omitted during serialization and deserialization. The defaults are as follows:
  • Boolean : false
  • String : ""
  • Numeric types: 0 (and 0L and 0.0 and 0.0f)
  • For symbolrule and scoperule attributes with non-built-in data type, no Log.error is thrown at execution time of the serialize method call anymore. Instead, these methods (and then, their classes as well) are generated abstract to yield compilation errors instead.
  • New interface IDeSer that all symbol and scope DeSers implement.
  • GlobalScopes manage a map with all relevant DeSers. The map maps the serialized (symbol or scope) kind to the DeSer that (de)serialized this kind. This mechanism can be used to exchange the DeSer for a specific kind of symbol or scope.
  • Scope DeSers have new serialize methods without Symbols2Json argment that can be used for for serializing (artifact) scopes for, e.g., unit tests
  • removed the generation of XPhasedSymbolTableCreatorDelegator classes
  • Experiments now use ScopesGenitor-infrastructure instead of SymbolTableCreator-infrastructure


  • The initMe and reset methods of the mill now initialize and reset all attributes properly

  • The CD4Analysis keywords ordered, composition, association, targetimport and classdiagram can be used in grammars again

MontiCore 6.6.0

released: 03.12.2020


  • The mill of a language now provides a method parser() to get the parser of the language
    • mill initialization allows to reconfigure the mill to provide a parser for a sublanguage
    • parser delegator XForYParser are generated that extend a parser of a super language and delegate to the parser of the current language
    • Due to multiple inheritance, delegation and subclasses are used in combination
  • experiments now showcase the use of traversers
  • add coco (checks if additional attributes are declared twice)
  • added built-in primitive types to the mills of grammars that extend the grammar BasicSymbols. Add to Mill by executing BasicSymbolsMill.initializePrimitives()


  • The generated parser uses the builder instead of the factory. This means that in grammars the variable _aNode is no longer available. Use instead _builder.
  • Multiple renamings and signature changes regarding the deser infrastructure
  • renamed XSymbolTablePrinter to XSymbols2Json
  • moved load and store methods form XScopeDeSer to XSymbols2Json
  • removed enclosing scope as method argument of symbol deser methods, as global scope shall be used instead
  • renamed deserializeAdditionalSSymbolAttributes to deserializeAddons
  • renamed deserializeAdditionalXScopeAttributes and deserializeAdditionalXScopeAttributes to deserializeAddons
  • added the JSON printer as a parameter to the methods of XScopeDeSer, SSymbolDeSer und XSymbols2Json
  • XScopeDeSer, SSymbolDeSer und XSymbols2Json are no longer available via the mill. The constructors can be used instead.
  • Scope builder have been removed as they did not support multiple inheritance, scope creation methods of the mill should be used instead
  • Shortened the name of the scope creation methods in the mill from xScope, xGlobalScope and xArtifactScope to scope, globalScope and artifactScope
  • Shortened the name of the modelFileExtension attribute in the XGlobalScope class to fileExt
  • renamed XScopeSkeletonCreator and XScopeSkeletonCreatorDelegator to XScopesGenitor and XScopesGenitorDelegator
  • Deprecated the XPhasedSymbolTableCreatorDelegator, will be removed without replacement in a future release
  • PrettyPrinters and other visitors in monticore-grammar now use the new Traverser infrastructure instead of the old Visitor infrastructure
  • generated XScopeGenitor and XScopeGenitorDelegator now use the new Traverser infrastructure instead of the old Visitor infrastructure
  • Changes to resolving
  • if name of a topLevelSymbol in ArtifactScope = name of ArtifactScope: qualify symbols in spanned scopes of the topLevelSymbol like before with <topLevelSymbolName>.<symbolName>
  • if name of a topLevelSymbol in ArtifactScope != name of ArtifactScope: qualify symbols in spanned scope of the topLevelSymbol with <ArtifactScopeName>.<topLevelSymbolName>.<symbolName>
  • Traverser now support lists of Visitor2 interfaces instead of only one instance
  • Rename accessor of Traverser from addXVisitor to add4X
  • Methods returning referenced symbols save the symbols instead of the surroogates


  • Traverser now properly delegate to handlers as intended
  • ScopeSkeletonCreator now properly use the mill to create scope instances to ensure substitution via the mill pattern
  • Fixed a bug where the SymbolSurrogates wrongly qualified their fullName
  • The clear method of the GlobalScope now deletes all symbols stored in the GlobalScope
  • Serializing symbolrule attributes of Strings now works properly

MontiCore 6.6.0

released: 11.11.2020


  • added an experiment hwDeSers showcasing serialization and deserialization
  • added an experiment hooks showcasing hook point usage
  • IncCheck provided by the MontiCore Gradle Plugin now considers local super grammar changes to trigger new generation
  • Added new Traverser generation to replace the visitor infrastructure in a future release
    • XTraverser
    • XTraverserImplementation
    • XVisitor2
    • XHandler
  • Added new ScopeSkeletonCreator generation to replace the SymbolTableCreator in a future release and to enable a phased symboltable creation
    • XScopeSkeletonCreator
    • XScopeSkeletonCreatorDelegator
    • XPhasedSymbolTableCreatorDelegator
  • Added methods to directly obtain instances of the following classes in the mill (instead of their builders)
    • XSymbolTableCreator
    • XSymbolTableCreatorDelegator
    • XScopeSkeletonCreator
    • XScopeSkeletonCreatorDelegator
    • XPhasedSymbolTableCreatorDelegator
    • XScopeDeSer
    • XSymbolDeSer
    • XSymbolTablePrinter
    • IXScope
    • IXArtifactScope


  • MontiCore now uses Gradle as build tool
  • some tasks have been introduced for the comfortable control of frequent activities, e.g., buildMC, assembleMC that can be found in the build.gradle
  • relocated the EMF related subprojects:
    • monticore-emf-grammar to monticore-grammar-emf
    • monticore-emf-runtime to monticore-runtime-emf
  • relocated integration tests and experiments:
    • monticore-generator/it to monticore-test/it
    • monticore-generator/it/experiments to monticore-test/01.experiments
    • monticore-generator/it/02.experiments to monticore-test/02.experiments
    • monticore-grammar/monticore-grammar-it to monticore-test/monticore-grammar-it
  • Remove the generation of XModelloader. Languages should now use XScopeDeSer to load symbol tables instead.
  • Removed the generation of the following builder classes (also from the Mill; alternative solutions described below)
    • XSymbolTableCreatorBuilder
    • XSymbolTableCreatorDelegatorBuilder
    • XScopeDeSerBuilder
    • XSymbolDeSerBuilder
    • XSymbolTablePrinterBuilder
  • renamed IXResolvingDelegate to IXResolver
  • outsourced Type expressions for arrays to a separate grammar
  • was FullGenericTypes, is now MCArrayTypes
  • outsourced initialization for arrays to a separate grammar
  • was MCVarDeclarationStatements, is now MCArrayStatements
  • In a composed language, mills of super languages now provide scope instances (scope, global scope and artifact scope) for the composed language
  • non-existing template paths now result in an error instead of a warning
  • Set current visitor infrastructure to deprecated
  • Integrate new visitor infrastructure (i.e., traverser) into XMill to enable re-usability of visitors via language inheritance
  • Set SymbolTableCreator, SymbolTableCreatorDelegator and their builder to deprecated
  • Integrate new ScopeSkeletonCreator, ScopeSkeletonCreatorDelegator and PhasedSymbolTableCreatorDelegator into Mill
  • Added a method clear to the GlobalScope that clears its cache and its resolvers and empties its ModelPath


  • Fixed that global variable changes in child templates were not changed in parents
  • Fixed handling of optional names of symbols in symbol table creator
  • Fixed an issue where surrogates hide symbol attributes

MontiCore 6.4.0

released: 12.10.2020


  • extended the generated incCheck files to contain information about local super grammars
    • the sh-file is now able to trigger generation if local super grammars are changed
    • the incCheck method provided by the plugin will support this behavior as well
    • will only be available in the next release
  • extended the mill to manage the global scope instance centrally
  • added comfort methods for creating modifiers to the ModifierBuilder
    • ModifierBuilder().PUBLIC() short for ModifierBuilder().setPublic(true)
  • added MCShadowingJavaBlock to MCCommonStatements
    • standard MCJavaBlock is no longer shadowing
  • added a class diagram to the reports that represents the generated data structure for the given grammar (ast, symbol table visitors, etc.)
  • added simple BreakStatement to MCCommonStatements
  • added an include2 alias for the template controller method for including templates in conjunction with templates arguments


  • CLI does no longer check whether a generation is needed (this should be handled by the build tool)
  • rephrased messages for non-conservative extension (added super grammar name)
  • added a context condition to prevent list of names in nonterminal production marked as symbols
  • might be supported in a future version of MontiCore
  • moved XForYMills to a subpackage to reduce noise (subpackage: _auxiliary)
  • deprecated the generated enum für constants
    • will be removed without replacement in a future release
  • moved EnhancedForControl production from JavaLight to MCCommonStatements as it is commonly used
  • standard MCJavaBlock is no longer shadowing
  • renamed BreakStatement in MCLowLevelStatements to LabelledBreakStatement
  • ForStatement now spans a non-exporting, ordered scope
  • shortened generated error codes to have 5 digits only
  • renamed MethOrConstr to JavaMethod in JavaLight
  • MontiCore Gradle plugin is no longer shipped as a fat jar


  • Fixed error code calculation for generated error messages to no longer be random
  • Fixed the report for involved files to contain handwritten files that were considered
    • will only be available in the next release
  • Fixed an issue where reports did not contain meaningful names for elements such as class diagram classes or interfaces

MontiCore 6.3.0

released: 16.09.2020


  • added @Override annotation for nonterminal production to state that this production overrides a super grammars' production
  • overriding without annotation leads to a warning
  • using the annotation for a production that does not override an existing nonterminal results in an error
  • added a context condition to ensure that external production do not have ast rules
  • added DiagramSymbol in BasicSymbols
  • introduced generated interfaces for GlobalScope and ArtifactScope


  • serialization of symtype expression now serializes full name of symtype instead of simple name
  • class ASTNodes is now deprecated and its usages in the generator are removed
  • visitors no longer provide visit methods for concrete scope classes but their interfaces instead
  • SymTypeExpression no longer use surrogates but TypeSymbols instead
  • reverted changes to appended s for list attributes made in previous release
  • moved initialization of symbols to the endVisit method of the SymbolTableCreator


  • Fixed missing sourcecode position for overriding warning
  • Fixed an issue where the inheritance hierarchy was no considered correctly when overriding a nonterminal

MontiCore 6.2.0

released: 21.07.2020


  • added isFinal to OOType in OOSymbols
  • extended the mill such that builder for DeSer related classes are provided by the mill
  • added support for symbol usages in NonterminalSeperator
    • example: Bar = (bla:Name@Foo || "," )+;
  • added reports for the symbol table structure of the processed grammar
  • added isReadOnly to Variable in BasicSymbols
  • added isElliptic to Method in TypeSymbols
  • added a context condition to warn if keywords consist of numbers only
    • these numbers will be tokenized as keywords instead of numbers
  • added splittoken to express that the listed tokens should be split and not handled as a single token
    • example: splittoken ":::"; results in three token :
  • added nokeyword to express that the listed keywords should not be handled as tokens
  • example: nokeyword "automaton", "state"; means that automaton and state should not be handled as keywords
  • introduced symbol inheritance


  • renamed de.monticore.type.TypeSymbols to de.monticore.symbols.OOSymbols
  • renamed de.monticore.type.BasicTypeSymbols to de.monticore.symbols.BasicSymbols
  • reworked appended s for list attributes
  • renamed SymbolLoader to SymbolSurrogate
  • Surrogates are now subclasses of their corresponding symbols
  • MCJavaBlock in MCCommonStatements now spans a shadowing, non-exporting, ordered scope
  • MethodDeclaration and ConstructorDeclaration in JavaLight use MCJavaBlock instead of MCBlockStatement
  • Label in MCLowLevelStatement now is a symbol
  • VarDecl in MCVarDeclarationStatements no longer exists
    • DeclaratorId now produces FieldSymbols
  • removed isParameter and isVariable from Field in TypeSymbols
  • the language class is no longer generated
  • moved creator expressions to JavaClassExpression
  • moved PlusExpression and MinusExpression from AssignmentExpressions to CommonExpressions


Fixed an issue where super and subtype comparison was wrong in type check Fixed handling of capital letters in grammar package * using capital letters now produces a warning * Fixed an issue were setAbsent methods in the generated SymbolBuilder where not properly overridden * Fixed that non-shadowing scopes where not handled as intended

MontiCore 6.1.0

released: 07.05.2020

MontiCore 6.0.0

  • Uses CD4Analysis 1.5.0
  • replace get*opt methods with get*
  • bugfixing


  • Uses CD4Analysis 1.4.0
  • add generation of serializers for grammars
  • add SymbolLoader
  • remove SymbolReferences
  • add DeSers for TypeSymbols
  • improved TypeCheck
  • replace getName methods with printType methods

MontiCore 5.3.0

  • Uses CD4Analysis
  • new Generator based on Decorator-Pattern
  • add Translation classes
  • add grammar it-tests
  • move TypesCalculator to TypeCheck, create derive classes and synthesize classes
  • add TypeSymbols and SymTypeExpression structure
  • added DeSers for SymTypeExpressions
  • added keyword "key" for KeyTerminals

MontiCore 5.2.0

  • add "List"-Suffix to attribute name

MontiCore 5.1.0

  • Remove the dependency to JavaDSL, add JavaLight
  • Uses CD4Analysis 1.3.19
  • added grammar TypeSymbols
  • renamed SymbolDelegateList to SymbolResolvingDelegateList
  • add methods for scoperule-attributes in interfaces
  • add MCTypeVisitor to transform ASTTypes to TypeExpressions
  • add Groovy Plugin
  • add MontiCore Statements at de.monticore.statements

MontiCore 5.0.6

  • The IncGen-reports are stored in the source code directory
  • Removed MutableScope
  • IncGen-Reports are stored
  • Removed deprecated keyword ast (use astrule) in *.mc4
  • Add visitors for symbol table
  • Enable TOP mechanism for visitors
  • add SymbolRules and ScopeRules
  • renamed MCBasicLiterals to MCCommonLiterals, add MCLiteralsBasis
  • move literals to package de.monticore.literals
  • renamed ShiftExpressions to BitExpressions

MontiCore 5.0.3

  • Use the following emf coordinates (MB):
  • group: org.eclipse.emf
  • version: 2.15.0
  • artifact: org.eclipse.emf.ecore | org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi | org.eclipse.emf.common
  • The runtime environment may need the following dependency (group: org.eclipse.platform; artifacitId: org.eclipse.equinox.common; version: 3.10.0)
  • splitted Types.mc4 in MCBasicTypes, MCCollectionTypes, MCSimpleGenericTypes and MCFullGenericTypes
  • moved expressions to de.monticore.expressions and added expressions

MontiCore 5.0.2

  • Generated by the MontiCore version 5.0.1
  • Uses JavaDSL 4.3.13, Cd4Analysis 1.3.16, se-commons 1.7.9
  • Introduce deprecated annotation in grammars (#2215)
  • Serialization of symobls
  • Add reporter IncGenCheckReporter
  • Configuration of the report path
  • Specific resolving methods in generated scope classes
  • Bugfixes

MontiCore 5.0.1

  • Generated by the MontiCore version 5.0.0
  • Uses JavaDSL 4.3.12, Cd4Analysis 1.3.13, se-commons 1.7.9
  • Bugfixes
  • New methods defineHookPointWithDefault in GlobalExtensionManagement (MB)
  • new method cmpToken in MCParser (MB)
  • every (non-)terminal defined in an interface must be present in the implementing production (including Name and Usage Name) (CoCo) (BS)
  • to ensure that any terminal (with a specific name) has to be implemented, use an empty string, e.g. interface Expression = operator="";
  • new methods are generated for the referenced symbol and definition and the definition is saved in an attribute (generated wenn you write sth. like "Name@Symbol") (NP)
  • coco that gives a warning if you do not extend conservative (NP)
  • coco that attributes with the same usage Name have to reference the same symbol (NP)
  • SpannedScope and Symbol Methods in ASTNode set to deprecated (NP)

MontiCore 5.0.0

  • Generated by the MontiCore version
  • Uses JavaDSL 4.3.11, Cd4Analysis 1.3.13, se-commons 1.7.8
  • Changed name building for list attributes in grammars (x:Name* -> getXList)
  • Changed api for GlobalExtensionMangament and TemplateController (see reference manual)
  • New api for AST nodes (constructor, getter and setter for lists and optional attributes, ...)
  • Builder classes for AST nodes are external now. Signatures are similar to those in the corresponding AST node, except those methods which set or add something, these return the Builder itself (which allows method chaining)
  • Changed default script to noemf for the generation of MontiCore. If you want to use emf you can generate monticore-grammar and Java-DSL with the profile "emf". This profile also creates the emf jars. You are also able to test the integration-tests with the profile “emf-it-tests”, which contains extra tests for the generation with emf.
  • Parsed grammars are not stored as class diagram anymore. CD is only stored as report.
  • Removed deprecated method filter(ResolvingInfo resolvingInfo, List symbols) use filter(ResolvingInfo, Collection) instead
  • Removed deprecated method filter(ResolvingInfo resolvingInfo, String name, List symbols) use filter(ResolvingInfo, String, Map) instead
  • Removed deprecated method create(Class symbolClass, SymbolKind symbolKind) use create(SymbolKind) instead
  • Removed deprecated method getSymbols use getLocalSymbols instead
  • Removed deprecated method resolve(SymbolPredicate predicate) use resolveMany(String, SymbolKind, Predicate) instead
  • Removed deprecated method define use add instead
  • Removed deprecated method resolve(ResolvingInfo resolvingInfo, String name, SymbolKind kind, AccessModifier modifier)
  • Removed deprecated method checkIfContinueWithEnclosing use checkIfContinueWithEnclosingScope instead
  • Removed deprecated method addResolver use addFilter(String, ResolvingFilter) instead
  • Removed deprecated method addTopScopeResolver use addDefaultFilter instead
  • Removed deprecated method addTopScopeResolvers use addDefaultFilters instead
  • Removed deprecated method getTopScopeResolvingFilters use getDefaultFilters instead
  • Removed deprecated constructer CommonResolvingFilter(Class symbolClass, SymbolKind targetKind) use CommonResolvingFilter(SymbolKind) instead
  • Removed deprecated method continueWithScope and continueWithEnclosingScope
  • Removed class FaildLoadingSymbol
  • Removed deprecated method putInScopeAndLinkWithAst use addToScopeAndLinkWithNode instead
  • Removed deprecated constructer CommonModelingLanguage(String, String, SymbolKind) use CommonModelingLanguage(String, String) instead
  • Removed deprecated method addResolver use addResolvingFilter instead
  • Removed deprecated method addResolver use addResolvingFilter instead
  • Removed deprecated method getResolvers use getResolvingFilters instead
  • Removed deprecated method loadAmbiguousModelAndCreateSymbolTable use loadModelsIntoScope instead
  • Removed deprecated method loadAmbiguousModels use loadModels instead
  • Removed deprecated method defineHookPoint(String) use glex.defineHookPoint instead
  • Removed deprecated enum ParserExecution
  • Removed deprecated method getParserTarget
  • Removed deprecated method setParserTarget

Further Information