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MontiCore - Types

Type systems are available in a variety of (programming) languages and facilitate programming because typing errors can already be detected at compile time. To express type usages a language component hierarchy for modeling types was developed for MontiCore-based languages. It consists of five language components MCBasicTypes, MCCollectionTypes, MCSimpleGenericTypes, MCFullGenericTypes, and MCArrayTypes.


The most basic language component is MCBasicTypes , which provides the central interface nonterminal MCType. Besides this interface nonterminal, this language component provides nonterminals that enable modeling primitive types and qualified as well as non-qualified types. Furthermore, it provides a return type, which can be an MCType or void. These nonterminals are bundled as it provides a relativity small yet useful collection of types for modeling. When using this language component, types such as int, Person, or java.lang.String are expressible.


The MCCollectionTypes language component builds upon the basic types language component and enables to model four kinds of generics: Set, List, Map, and Optional. These generics cannot be nested as the purpose of this language component is to provide some commonly used collection types but limit their functionality such that it is useful for high-level models. Using this language component, types such as List<Integer>, Set<char>, or Map<java.lang.String, Person> are expressible.


The language component MCSimpleGenericTypes extends the language component MCCollectionTypes and extends the expressible types with custom generics of arbitrary classes with arbitrary arguments. When using this language component, types such as Person<String> or Map<Person<String>, Integer> are expressible. Please note that these types still do not cover all possible types from Java, as Java additionally supports inner types of generic types, which is not expressible using the language component SimpleGenericTypes, e.g., types such as a.b.C<D>.E.F<G>.H are not expressible.


The language component MCFullGenericTypes extends the language component MCSimpleGenericTypes and extends the expressible types with inner generics types of arbitrary classes with arbitrary arguments including wild card types. When using this language component, types such as Person<?>, Map<Person<String>, ? extends Person> or a.b.C<D>.E.F<G>.H are expressible.


Arrays are orthogonal to the generic extensions. Thus they can be combined with any of the above variants. Language component MCArrayTypes provides possibilities to add arrays, such as Person[] or int[][].

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