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MontiCore - Literals

Literals are the basis to parse numbers, strings and other atomic language elements. The language module MCLiteralBasis defines the root nonterminal Literal but no other terminals representing literal terms. MCCommonLiterals, MCJavaLiterals, and SIUnitLiterals define concrete literal terms that can be included in a MontiCore-based language as desired.

Grammar MCCommonLiterals.mc4

This grammar includes the following parser rules:

  • NullLiteral: Recognizes null.
  • BooleanLiteral: Recognizes true and false.
  • CharLiteral: Recognizes a, ... , Z.
  • StringLiteral: Recognizes "...".
  • NatLiteral: Recognizes literals like 123.
  • SignedNatLiteral: Recognizes literals like -13.
  • BasicLongLiteral: Recognizes literals like 6L and 6l.
  • SignedBasicLongLiteral: Recognizes literals like -6L, -6l, 6L?, and 6l.
  • BasicFloatLiteral: Recognizes literals like 1.2F and 1.2f.
  • SignedBasicFloatLiteral: Recognizes literals like -1.2F, -1.2f, 1.2F, and 1.2f.

Grammar MCJavaLiterals.mc4

This grammar extends MCCommonLiterals and includes the following parser rules:

  • IntLiteral: Recognizes literals like 123, 0734, 1001001, and 0x1a.
  • LongLiteral: Recognizes literals like 2L, 0734l, 1001001L, and 0x1al.
  • FloatLiteral: Recognizes literals like 1.23F and 1.23E4f.
  • DoubleLiteral: Recognizes literals like 1.23, 1.23d, 1.23E4D.

Grammar SIUnitLiterals.mc4

This grammar allows recognition of SI unit literals like 1km/h. This is documented in SIUnits.

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