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MontiCore Best Practices - Understanding Errors, Defining Errors

Errors happen. Some happen because of faults in the code (we call that internal errors), some happen because we haven't explained well how to use MontiCore and how to use the generated code.

Here we try to add information how to handle occurring errors. We use the error code for an easier identification. Error codes start with 0xand use 5(!) hex characters and thus should be at the same time memorizable (because not completely unknown, but still not so common that they could be taken for something else).

Handling Errors 0x.....

How to use Expressions (0xA0129)

  • Expression is a predefined nonterminal in the MontiCore basic grammars. Because of the infix notation of some operators and similar challenges, it is usually not possible to use a subset of the expressions only. For example use of ConditionalExpression may lead to a parser generation error (i.e. 0xA0129).
  • Solutions:
  • Use nonterminal Expression and forbid all unwanted alternatives through context conditions.
  • Think of allowing more general expressions?
  • If especially the syntax of if . then . else . shall be reused, why not define this in a new nonterminal and ignore that the same syntactic constructs were already available in another production.
  • Defined by: CKi, BR.

Further Information